Career Starter Application: Process

The required steps for profile completion and the key stages to progress on the Career Starter platform

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Multiverse offers full-time apprenticeships for adults without college degrees at top companies such as American Express, Adyen, and Verizon. The apprenticeship program is completely free for candidates and even comes with a full-time salary and benefits that start on day 1 of your learning/working experience.

You can start the Multiverse Admissions process by creating a login and profile on our career starter platform. After completing a short eligibility sign-up flow, you’ll be welcome to complete your profile. Your profile will prompt you to fill out a short answer section and fill in your work/volunteer experiences. Note that your profile later becomes part of your portfolio when you apply to open roles, so spend time building this out.

Once you have completed your profile, along with any skills assessment, your profile will be reviewed for approval. Once your profile is approved, you are eligible to apply for roles on our job board, within your approved program area(s) and locality.

Candidates may then be selected to proceed with interviewing with an employer, in conjunction with Multiverse.

If selected to be hired at one of our partner companies, we’ll provide your education through 1:1 coaching, bootcamps, and cohort community events during the program.

Profile completion on Platform

  • Sign Up:

    • The first step of creating your profile is signing up for your account with your email and a password, and submitting basic background information. At this stage, the platform will reject anyone who does not meet program qualifications, so be mindful of the information you are submitting.

  • Profile:

    • The next step is to build out your profile, which later serves as your portfolio for clients to review during interviews. Use the profile embedded guidance to complete your profile video, about me, highlights, and any skills assessments.

  • Next Steps

    • Following, you will be prompted to complete the situational assessment, declare your right to work, and complete any program skills assessments.

  • Profile Approval

    • Afterward, a member of the Admissions team will review your profile for feedback, program qualification, and approval.

  • Apply for Jobs

    • Once reviewed & approved, you will be eligible to apply for roles on the job board within your approved program area(s) and locality.


  • There are specific tips and a self-guided completion checklist on the profile, so please be sure to check those out first.

  • If you need more support, please use the Candidate Profile Polishing Checklist as a guide to review your profile. Read each section of the guide and ensure both the directions and self-check items are captured within your profile, with an emphasis on maximizing content, highlighting your related skills to your subject(s) of interest, and meeting the program qualification measure(s). Your profile serves as your portfolio for any future role you apply for, so spend time and build it out with detail & care!

  • We also offer Workforce Readiness workshops where we cover a range of topics from Interview Preparation to networking, etc. Click here to register and/or view those events. If there are no upcoming events, please keep an eye out for workshops in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Bootcamp? Do I get paid for it?

    If your program includes a bootcamp, this is built in time to establish foundational and technical skills needed for a smooth transition to your role. This bootcamp is fit for everyone - whether you have no experience or lots of experience! The bootcamp begins after you have been hired, and you will be paid during the bootcamp by the employer as a part of your salary.

  • "I completed _ step. What's next?"

    Utilize the Multiverse platform's progress tracker to guide you through the necessary steps. Note that the platform profile tracker measures completion, not content- so if there is a hold at any stage the Admissions team may be reviewing content towards feedback, eligibility, and approval to progress. Steps to monitor your progression include:

  • Profile completion

    • Use this linked polishing checklist to serve as directions to guide the completion of your profile content. Your profile serves as your portfolio for any future role you apply for, so spend time and build it out with detail & care!

  • Situational Judgment Test completion

    • Check that this step is completed.

    • If prompted, complete Hireflix.

  • Recording and submitting a video

    • Record a 1-1:30 min video: Use this as an opportunity to explain “why” you want to do an apprenticeship.

    • Discuss related skills or qualifications for your program type and express interest in continued growth/experience in this subject(s)/field. Record a 1-1:30 min video.

  • Verifying your right to work

    • Attest your working eligibility in your locality.

  • Providing evidence of your skills

    • Software Engineering/Data Skills may require external course/quiz completion.

    • For all programs, ensure to highlight related/relevant skills on your profile highlights.

  • Profile approval

    • A member of the Admissions team will review your profile overall once the above is complete for feedback, program qualification, and ultimate approval to follow!

  • Applying for roles

    • Refer to the progress tracker for guidance on completing each step and ensure that you follow through with the required actions accordingly and aligned to the profile polish checklist.

    • Note that approved applicants are then eligible to apply for roles on the job board, within their approved program areas and locality.

  • What's my job application status?

    • You can monitor your job application status within the platform. After submitting your application, it will be labeled as "in review by Multiverse," indicating that it has met the application deadline. As the role deadline approaches and client review commences, selected individuals may progress through the stages of "in review by client," "interview," and "offered."

    • Automated updates will be sent to you regarding any changes in the application status or if your application is rejected. If you are invited to an interview or offered a role, you will receive personalized communication for coordination with the Admissions team.

  • Why was I rejected without feedback for a role?

    • We appreciate your effort in the application process and understand the disappointment of not being selected for a desired role. Roles receive a high volume of applications. We are unable to provide personalized feedback until after interviews occur.

    • Here are some steps you can take to increase your candidacy in the future:

      • Update your Multiverse Profile with any newly acquired skills or experiences.

      • Complete the Asynchronous training in our LaunchPad Pathways.

      • Stay updated on our Workshops tab, which will be routinely updated.

      • Keep an eye on our job board for future opportunities.

  • I’ve completed a similar qualification to the one I’m applying for, and I’ve been told that I am not eligible for my preferred program. Can you explain why I am not eligible?

    • Unfortunately the qualification(s) you hold or are currently in the process of completing mean that you will have covered too much of the content in the Multiverse program you have selected. Please consider an alternative program.

    • FOR UK: Due to the overlap in content covered, we would not be able to draw funding from the ESFA for your apprenticeship.

  • Why do I have to continually update my profile if I am already approved?

    • Your Multiverse profile is like a resume in that it can always be updated! Your answers are not locked in. You can constantly update it with skills you are working on and projects you've completed so employers can see what you’ve been up to while searching for an apprenticeship.

    • As you build up your skillsets, updating your profile sets you up for success. The more skills, the more evidence you have that you are the best person for the job!

  • Why don’t I have an apprenticeship yet? I’ve been approved.

    • Multiverse posts apprenticeship opportunities on a rolling basis. Similar to a job board, jobs are open to all approved candidates and do not guarantee any one individual a job. If you do not see any roles in your current area or program, currently none are live for application. We encourage you to check in regularly for updates. Although we cannot provide specific timelines for new/upcoming roles, we encourage you to regularly check for updates and stay engaged by exploring our resources. To increase your chances, we recommend attending our workshops and drop-in sessions.

  • What does it mean for an application to “be in review by Multiverse, ”or in “review by employer”?

    • “Review by Multiverse” means the Multiverse team is reviewing your application. We are taking into consideration your profile, the job you applied for, and your previous assessments to determine if you are a good fit for the program.

    • “Review by Employer” means the employer is now reviewing your application and may extend an invitation to interview.

    • Receiving an interview or job offer is not guaranteed - you may not move forward at any time during the hiring process.

  • How can I write an effective cover letter?

    • Read through the job description thoroughly and include a sentence on why you would be a great candidate specifically for the employer.

    • Include a sentence why you are interested in your specific career.

    • Add 1-2 skills asked for in the job description.

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