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Career Starter Application: Situational Judgement Test
Career Starter Application: Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Test purpose, implementation, and the subsequent steps involved in profile approval and program qualification.

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The Multiverse Situational Judgment Test (SJT) is designed to assess your response to scenarios that you may encounter during the Multiverse Apprenticeship. The SJT helps determine your level of readiness for a Multiverse Apprenticeship. It is designed to assess key abilities that are linked to success in the program and gives us valuable information on what level of support you require before you’re able to apply for jobs.

Your personal link to access and complete the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) can be found in your profile's "Next Steps" list. We suggest completing the SJT in one sitting. However, please be aware that your link will expire 7 days after your initial access. There is no specific time limit for the assessment, but it typically takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

For each scenario, you will be presented with 4 possible actions. Your task is to rank these actions based on their likelihood, with 1 being the most likely and 4 being the least likely action you would take.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received an email prompt to complete the SJT, but I already completed it. Do I need to take it again?

    Please note that the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) should only be completed once. Upon completion, you will see a screen thanking you and receive further instructions via email for the next steps.

    • Your profile checklist should display a green checkmark to indicate SJT completion and suggest additional steps, such as recording a video, verifying your right to work, and completing any necessary program skills evidence assessments.

    • If there are areas for improvement identified in your results, you may be prompted to further discuss them in a one-way recorded interview through Hireflix. This interview will allow us to assess your candidacy based on your expressions of interest in pursuing an apprenticeship.

  • I selected an answer, but I am getting the error "Please answer this question."

    Each question prompts you to rank your answers. When completing the question ensure you are not selecting the same number more than once- this may be why it appears it is de-selecting your answer choices, as it is moving your order. When ranking the actions, please only use the information given within the scenario to inform your choices.

  • I finished my assessment but scored my answers backwards, and now failed as a result. Can you reset my test?

    As you completed the assessment, you should have received an email for a one-way recorded interview through Hireflix as a next step. This interview assesses the same competencies and is your next step in evaluating your candidacy. Please take your time and respond in a thorough manner.

  • How should I approach the SJT?

    When ranking the actions, please only use the information given within the scenario to inform your choices. The assessment is best completed when you are in a quiet room, with a stable internet connection where you will not be interrupted.

  • I have a request for an accommodation OR I started my assessment and realized I am scoring backwards, but did not complete the assessment yet.

    If you have any reasonable adjustments that you feel may affect your ability to complete the SJT then please contact support.

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