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Career Starter Application: Technical Skills Assessments
Career Starter Application: Technical Skills Assessments

Guidance on completing skills assessments required for approval in specific programs; Software Engineering (globally) and Data (for the US)

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To secure approval for technical programs, it's essential to demonstrate your foundational knowledge in skills relevant to the program, done via skills assessments. This evaluation is for UK & US candidates for software engineering and, in the US, it also applies to data-related programs. Skills can be assessed via uploading qualifying evidence or proceeding with Multiverse free provided Assessments, detailed below.

  • Software Engineering: complete the Multiverse FREE 10-15 hr intro to coding modules and/or upload evidence of external coding courses AND completed project links (GitHub). External projects/links must be in languages other than HTML/CSS or you will be advised to complete the Multiverse coding course.

  • Data (Advanced or Strategic Analytics (US ONLY): complete the US Data Skills Assessment and/or upload supporting projects/external courses related to data analytics, visualization, SQL, Python, or PowerBI.

Software Engineering


  • To access the coding modules, navigate to this link.


  • Through our 10-15 hour, fully asynchronous learning experience, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to becoming a software engineer. This learning experience consists of videos and self-directed learning opportunities. The program will guide you every step of the way.

  • You’ll need to complete the entire learning experience (modules 1-10) towards a passing score of at least 80% for profile approval in software engineering.

Data (Advanced Analytics) - US ONLY

To be eligible to apply for our Data Programs, you’ll need to either provide qualifying evidence of related foundational knowledge (supporting projects/external courses related to data analytics, visualization, SQL, Python, or PowerBI) or complete the US Multiverse Data Skills Assessment. This short assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and helps you get into the mindset of understanding and thinking about data. Please note: You will need 100%, but the quiz can be taken again as needed.

I need technical assistance with the coding modules on Codio

The hardest part about learning to code is getting started. Modules 1-6 are introductory content, so we would encourage you to take the following steps to get unstuck:

  1. Watch every video in the modules. Many of the answers are directly in the videos!

  2. Code along with the videos! Every video has a coding editor below it and you can type out the code they are walking you through so you can see it work for yourself.

  3. Use the coding editors on the video pages under Try It Out! 💻 to practice the code that is in the video. Don’t forget to select “Reveal Content” if you are stuck as there is helpful starter code there.

  1. Save the syntax 🖊 images and use these when constructing your responses to the coding exercises.

  2. Use the #checkoutTheDocs 🔍to see more examples. We have curated these resources as they are usually well explained and provide additional examples of the code you have just learned.

  1. Make sure you have completed all Knowledge Checks

  2. Make sure you have completed all the coding exercises. If the tests are failing, make sure to read the message about why the tests are failing as these can be very helpful when debugging your code. If you are still stuck, go back to the video and Try It Out 💻 section.

I need technical assistance with the golf project

  • The Golf Project is designed to be an introductory project that has you incorporate skills from module 4 (variables), module 5 (conditionals), and module 6 (functions).

  • A few things to help you get unstuck:

    • Make sure you have finished all the content in modules 1 through 6 before starting this project. The coding exercises from these modules provide a great starting point for the project.

    • Start with writing your if/else if/else statements and log different values to the console for different numbers of strokes and par. For example, if the par is 3 and they have 3 strokes, then you would have something like:

if(strokes === par) {



  • Once you have written your if statements, create a golfScore() function that can handle different strokes and par. Start with using console.log statements to help see if you have it setup correctly

  • Try your golfScore() function for different strokes and par. Make sure your outputs match the ones shown for the examples at the end of the project description.


I need more technical assistance, are there any more resources I can use?

  • While you can do all of the coding problems using just the content on the pages, we would recommend the Basic JavaScript course on Free Code Camp as an exceptionally strong resource for more practice and/or support. There is a lot more content here than is in our course, but can help to reinforce any concepts you still feel shaky on.

I don’t want to do Software Engineering but my profile keeps telling me to do the skills assessment for approval.

  • The platform’s profile progress tracker will guide you to complete the necessary steps for the qualifications/subjects of interest you selected at sign-up. If you are no longer interested in a subject (such as software engineering) you can ignore those steps and suggestions, and instead refer to the profile polishing checklist to update your profile and meet the required metrics and qualifications of your preferred program.

  • Once you have completed your profile for that specific program, notify us for review. A member of the Admissions team will then review your profile, provide feedback, assess your program eligibility, and ultimately approve if applicable.

  • Approved applicants can then proceed to apply for roles on the job board in their approved program area.

I submitted my coding projects/or I completed the Multiverse coding modules and I am not approved yet. Can you please help?

  • Double-check that your profile includes the following criteria:

    • Achieved at least 80% of the Multiverse Intro to Coding on Codio OR

    • Uploaded completed project links (Github) AND any course of bootcamp certificates

      • For any projects, include a screenshot and live link to the source (Github, Youtube, TikTok, etc)

      • External projects/links must be in languages other than HTML/CSS or you will need to complete the Multiverse coding course.

      • For any courses, upload the certificate as an image or via a link. Certificates must state your name and completion date/timeline to be validated for program approval.

  • If you believe you have met the requirements and have been pending approval for 5+ business days, please contact support.

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