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Apprenticeship Candidate
Apprenticeship Candidate

Articles for prospective apprentices who are completing the application process

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Career Starters

I want to start my career with Multiverse

What is a Career Starter Multiverse Apprenticeship?This articles briefly covers what an apprenticeship is and the part Multiverse plays. It covers high level questions.
Career Starter Application: ProcessThe required steps for profile completion and the key stages to progress on the Career Starter platform
Career Starter Application: Eligibility RequirementsThis article outlines the eligibility requirements for individuals to be considered as career starter candidates, hired by Multiverse.
Career Starter Application: Program DetailsProgram offerings for all Career Starter Programs
Career Starter Application: Platform TroubleshootingAn overview of common profile troubleshooting steps and when it may be necessary to escalate for profile review, approval, or tech support.
Career Starter Application: Creating and Adding a Profile VideoGuidance on adding a video to your profile to support job application including common issues related to video upload and recording.
Career Starter Application: Situational Judgement TestSituational Judgement Test purpose, implementation, and the subsequent steps involved in profile approval and program qualification.
Career Starter Application: Technical Skills AssessmentsGuidance on completing skills assessments required for approval in specific programs; Software Engineering (globally) and Data (for the US)
Career Starter Application: HireflixGuidance on completing the Hireflix process, troubleshooting common issues, and timeline of expected results
Career Starter Application: Program ChangeThis article guides candidates on changing their program area approval.
Career Starter Application: Job BoardGuides use of the job board and provides guidance to ensure approval, timely submission, and sets expectations towards review/response