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Career Starter Application: Creating and Adding a Profile Video
Career Starter Application: Creating and Adding a Profile Video

Guidance on adding a video to your profile to support job application including common issues related to video upload and recording.

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It is important to upload a personal video to give employers a sense of who you are and why you're interested in a technology apprenticeship. 91% of employers surveyed said the video had an impact on their decision to hire a Multiverse apprentice as the video allows them to understand a candidate’s character and personality.

The personal video (1-1.5 minutes) is an opportunity to explain why you want to do a technology apprenticeship. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to employers, increasing your chances of getting hired as an apprentice! Remember, employers are looking for potential and want to see the real you!

  • Add/Edit A Video

    • To add a video, go to your profile and click on the button that says "get started with the video.

    • From there, you can choose either to record the video directly from your camera or upload a pre-existing video file. Please note that if you opt to record from the camera, the timer will only allow for a maximum of 90 seconds. If you prefer to have multiple takes or a longer video, it is recommended to upload a video file directly.

  • What to Say:

    • Introduce yourself

    • Explain why you want to do a technology apprenticeship, specifically for your chosen subject(s).

    • Highlight relevant skills or experiences, career aspirations, and personal qualities that make you a great candidate.

    • Add a fun fact about yourself for personality!

    • Express interest and enthusiasm for ongoing growth and experience in that field.

  • Tips & Tricks:

    • Limit your video to no more than 1.5 minutes.

    • Record in a quiet environment, with a clear background.

    • Dress smart casual.

    • Record in landscape orientation and make sure your camera is stable!

    • Sit directly in front of the camera and speak directly to the audience.

    • Re-record if the first take isn't great.

    • Smile, relax, and have fun with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to make a video?

    • To meet the eligibility criteria for future job applications, it is necessary for you to create a video. A well-crafted video adds a personal touch and enables employers to associate a face with the information on your profile. In today's digital age, virtual communication and proficiency in digital technology are crucial, particularly for tech-based apprenticeships. Being comfortable on camera has become an essential skill, especially with the increasing prevalence of hybrid and remote work opportunities. Seize this opportunity to develop your comfort and familiarity with being on camera, and prepare for future interviews!

  • Do I need to make a video for each application?

    • You only need to record one video, which will be used for all your job applications. Please keep the video generic to program/subjects and do not refer to any specific employers/roles.

  • Can I edit my Video?

    • Yes, you can return to your profile and reupload a new video as desired. Though, we do not encourage you to make updates if you have applications open.

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