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Multiverse Atlas: Coach Chat Feature
Multiverse Atlas: Coach Chat Feature

A guide to using Multiverse Atlas including Coach Chat

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Multiverse Atlas is an AI assistant developed by Multiverse to support you with learning and professional development throughout your apprenticeship. It is designed to provide an accessible, always-available, and instant source of information and ensure every learning opportunity is enhanced.

You can find Multiverse Atlas embedded across every page of your learning platform.

This article will give you an overview of a new feature: Coach Chat. Your coach will inform you when this feature will be released to your cohort.

What is Coach Chat?

Coach Chat is a new feature that’s designed to facilitate direct communication between you and your Coach. Embedded across every page of the learning platform, it enables seamless, topic-organised messaging for guidance and support, complementing the AI-driven assistance provided by Multiverse Atlas.

How does Coach Chat relate to Multiverse Atlas?

Coach Chat and Multiverse Atlas work together to support your learning journey. Multiverse Atlas is an AI learning assistant that provides instant answers and guidance. Coach Chat supplements Multiverse Atlas by enabling direct communication with your Coach when Multiverse Atlas may not have the necessary context or when you need additional assistance.

When would I use Coach Chat?

You would use Coach Chat whenever you need to speak directly to your Coach, particularly when you have questions related to your apprenticeship that can’t be instantly solved by Multiverse Atlas. Remember, for any troubleshooting requests or queries about adjacent offerings such as community events or functional skills, you should continue to use the Support Hub.

Does Coach Chat replace other communication channels?

Coach Chat is designed to eventually replace other communication channels like email, Slack, or WhatsApp for your interactions with your Coach. However, for now, we do recognise that other tools may still be required in certain circumstances.

How do I access Coach Chat?

To access Coach Chat, navigate to the chat widget located in the bottom right-hand corner of the learning platform. You should be able to find it on every page. This widget provides a central point for both Multiverse Atlas and Coach Chat, consolidating all interactions into a single, streamlined experience.


How do I start a new chat with my Coach?

To start a new chat with your Coach, click on the chat widget, then select their name and then start a 'new topic'. This allows you to initiate a conversation about a specific subject, similar to starting an email thread.


Why are chats organised at topics?

Chats are organised as topics to mirror the familiar structure of email communication and to help you to organise and manage your conversations more effectively. This organisation also makes it easier to refer back to specific discussions throughout the course of your apprenticeship.

Can I delete previous chat topics?

Yes, you can delete chat topics by hovering over them. However, please be aware that once deleted you won't be able to recover them, and also if you delete a chat it will be deleted for both you and your Coach, so use this feature carefully.


Can I send attachments or files through the chat?

Currently, the ability to paste images or attach files in chat is not available. However, this feature is planned for future updates of the application. If you need to send an attachment we recommend you email it to your Coach, for now.

What can I expect from the chat application in terms of response times from my Coach?

You should expect the same response time from your Coach as you currently experience through email; when they are next available, rather than an immediate response. The chat application is designed to maintain consistent communication standards already established.

How will I be notified of a new message from my Coach?

You will receive a notification badge on the chat widget if you are on the learning platform and have unread messages. Additionally, you will receive daily email roundups listing the number of unread messages in your chat if there are any.

Can I use the chat application to communicate with other Apprentices or only with my Coach?

In the first release of the chat application, you can only communicate with your Coach. However, in future releases, we intend to expand this feature to include communication with other Apprentices.

How can I customise my chat settings or notifications?

Currently, there isn’t an option to customise chat settings or notifications. However, future releases of the app are expected to include these customisation options.

What should I do if I have technical issues with the chat application?

If you encounter any technical issues with the chat application, you can contact the support team by using the widget on the bottom right of this page.

How can I share feedback or an idea that I have for future development?

Currently, you can provide feedback or suggestions for future development directly to your Coach. In future releases, there will be mechanisms within the app itself to submit feedback more conveniently.

Are chat conversations monitored or recorded by Multiverse?

Yes, chat conversations are retained by Multiverse in order to provide audit capabilities in case of any misuse or issues. See below for more information about data collection, retention and our acceptable use policy.

Data collection and retention

You can help to reduce the amount of information that we hold on you by limiting the amount of personal data that you enter into Coach Chat to what is necessary for your purpose.

Types of personal data include information about your work or academic performance, information about your health, any disability accommodations you may have or need and your feelings or opinions. While at times it may be necessary to share personal information, avoid sharing personal data where at all possible, and consider alternative channels, such as email, for sensitive information.

To help improve this feature over time, Multiverse gathers data, including personal data, that you or your Coach may enter into Coach Chat. As always, you have rights relating to our retention of information about you. See the Multiverse Privacy Policy for more information about how to exercise these rights.

Acceptable use

At all times, comply with your company’s policies, procedures, and guidelines. Please refer to your organisation’s guidelines related to appropriate sharing of business information.

Users must not commit an offense or violate their own organisation’s policy while using Multiverse systems. This includes, but is not limited to, using our systems for:

  • Harassment (e.g. subjecting someone to unwanted conduct where the conduct has the purpose or effect of creating a hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment for the victim)

  • Inciting hatred

  • Defamation (i.e. making false statements that would cause harm)

  • Breaching copyright (e.g. using images or text without appropriate permission or license)

  • Illegal material

  • Hacking

  • Accessing, copying, sharing copyrighted material

  • Inputting any confidential company information into Coach Chat

  • The creation, acquisition, storage, or transmission of material related to terrorism and extremism

Multiverse reserves the right to monitor, block, and report access to such contravening material.

Additionally, keep your credentials secure. Users should not let anyone else use their login or attempt to log on as someone else.

Coach Chat and Safeguarding

Please note: coach chat should not be used for disclosing safeguarding concerns - you should use existing channels for this.

Need further support? If you have further questions or have noticed a bug with this feature, our Support Team will be happy to help. You can log a ticket with the support team by using the chat feature on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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