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Coaching or Group Learning Session Absence
Coaching or Group Learning Session Absence

What to do if you are unable to attend a planned apprenticeship session

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This article provides essential guidance for apprentices at Multiverse who are unable to attend a scheduled session. It covers the steps to take if you anticipate missing a planned apprenticeship session, and solutions for catching up. These include:

  • Coaching Session

  • Group Coaching Session

  • Progress Review

  • Module Workshop

  • Delivery Session

  • Bootcamps

  • Hackathons

If the session you are unable to attend is a community session, please see this article instead.

What should I do if I cannot avoid missing a session?

Attending Multiverse sessions is critical to ensure success in your apprenticeship. You should make every effort to attend and your employer should support you in having protected time to attend sessions.

Perhaps you have just received your learning plan and have noticed a session coincides with a pre-booked holiday, or you have been given a medical appointment. Please inform your coach at the earliest opportunity. They will then be able to come up with a plan to ensure your learning can stay on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have missed a session, will I be able to access a recording?

  • Most Multiverse sessions are recorded, but it is worth checking with the person delivering the session whether they plan to do this.

    • If the session was hosted on Multiverse Video Conferencing, recordings will automatically show up under ‘past’ on the live session page ( immediately after the recording has finished. If the ‘view recording’ button is not present, this will be because the session was not recorded.

    • If the session was recorded and hosted on Zoom/Teams, please get in touch with the facilitator to request the link to this.

Are there penalties for missing sessions?

  • It is important to communicate any unavoidable absence with your coach. If you miss planned sessions without communicating this in advance, your coach may be concerned about your welfare or you may be at risk of not meeting 'evidence of learning' compliance requirements if your apprenticeship is levy-funded.

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