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Situational Judgement TestSituational Judgement Test purpose, implementation, and the subsequent steps involved in profile approval and program qualification.
Creating and Adding a Profile VideoGuidance on adding a video to your profile to support job application including common issues related to video upload and recording.
Platform TroubleshootingAn overview of common profile troubleshooting steps and when it may be necessary to escalate for profile review, approval, or tech support.
Technical Skills AssessmentsGuidance on completing skills assessments required for approval in specific programs; Software Engineering (globally) and Data (for the US)
HireflixGuidance on completing the Hireflix process, troubleshooting common issues, and timeline of expected results
What is a Career Starter Multiverse Apprenticeship?This articles briefly covers what an apprenticeship is and the part Multiverse plays. It covers high level questions.
Program ChangeThis article guides candidates on changing their program area approval.
Job BoardGuides use of the job board and provides guidance to ensure approval, timely submission, and sets expectations towards review/response
Career Starter Program DetailsProgram offerings for all Career Starter Programs
Career Starter Application ProcessThe required steps for profile completion and the key stages to progress on the Career Starter platform
Career Starter Eligibility RequirementsThis article outlines the eligibility requirements for individuals to be considered as career starter candidates, hired by Multiverse.