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Attending your Flying Start Session
Attending your Flying Start Session

How to prepare for and join your flying start session plus troubleshooting steps for common issues

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The Flying Start session marks an essential beginning to your apprenticeship at Multiverse. This guide outlines the importance of attending, and how to prepare, join, and troubleshoot common issues.

The Importance of the Flying Start Session

The Flying Start session is a pivotal, interactive introduction to your apprenticeship with Multiverse. This session ensures that you are well-prepared to embark on your apprenticeship journey, familiarizing you with the platform and the community and equipping you with essential skills.

Without engaging with your Flying Start, your apprenticeship cannot officially begin, so be sure to prioritise attending. Should you have any unavoidable issues on the day, please follow the instructions in your Flying Start email to notify us, or contact the Support Team for support.

Preparation for the Flying Start Session

To optimize your readiness for the Flying Start session, follow these steps:

  • Complete the Onboarding Form before the session.

  • Review the Apprentice Welcome Pack provided via onboarding email to get an insightful head start. This guide contains essential information and resources.

  • Verify your camera and microphone functionality to ensure smooth communication during the session.

  • Update your web browser to avoid compatibility issues. Supported browsers include:

How to Join Your Flying Start

Joining your Flying Start session should be simple; the link to join can be found in a few places. The options are outlined below - choose the one that seems easiest for you.

[All conferencing options] Option 1:

  • Use the link in your calendar invitation sent to your work email, which includes a direct link to the session.

[All conferencing options] Option 2:

  • Use the link provided in your onboarding email, sent approximately 7 days before your session.

[For those using Multiverse Video Conferencing only] Option 3:

  • Log into your Multiverse portal (, navigate to the “Live Sessions” page, and click the "join session" button next to “Flying Start”, available 30 minutes before the session begins.


Encountering difficulties in joining the session? Try these solutions based on whether your session is hosted via Zoom, Teams or Multiverse Video Conferencing.

Multiverse Video Conferencing:

Auth0 Login Errors

Ensure you log in using your registered Multiverse credentials. If you are not already logged in to your Multiverse account, you will be prompted to log in. Users can receive an auth0 error if they try to log in with a Google account rather than with their Multiverse account details. If this happens, navigate back to the login page and enter the details you signed up to Multiverse with.

White Screen Issues

This may involve firewall settings within your organization - contact our Support Team for assistance.

Connectivity and Visibility Problems

Check your internet connection or switch networks if feasible. Disable potentially interfering third-party browser extensions, or try accessing via an incognito window. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies might also help. Here are the guidelines for:


Refer to this Zoom support article for common joining issues.

Microsoft Teams:

Consult this Microsoft Teams support article if you are experiencing meeting access challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be prevented from joining the apprenticeship if I have technical difficulties that prevent me from accessing the Flying Start session?

  • If you have tried the above and are still unable to access your live session, please rest assured that this will not prevent you from enrolling or continuing with your apprenticeship, provided you have submitted a ticket with our Support team via the ChatBot at the bottom-right of this screen. We’ll then:

    • Notify your coach to ensure you don’t miss out and are able to catch up via session recording

    • Work with your organisation’s IT team to resolve the issue for future sessions

Need further help? Our Support Team are happy to assist you. You can contact our Support Team by clicking the chat widget in the right-hand corner. Be sure to mention 'Flying Start' when summarising your issue.

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