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Career Starter Application: Program Change
Career Starter Application: Program Change

This article guides candidates on changing their program area approval.

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If you are a candidate interested in being considered for alternate program areas, please follow these steps. Note: Multiverse advises focusing on 1-2 program areas that align with your long-term career goals.

It is crucial to highlight your strongest skills, areas of interest, and relevant experiences when creating your profile and seeking program approval. The goal is to align your apprenticeship program with your long-term career aspirations. Program areas are carefully matched by employers and Multiverse to roles that provide work experiences aligned with your learning objectives.

Your profile is reviewed by employers to determine interview selection. Clear alignment between your profile and the desired program is essential in securing the right role for you.

To change your program or be approved for a different program:

Note for UK Candidates: According to the UK Department for Education policy, individuals are not permitted to enrol in a programme topic they already have knowledge or experience in. This is known as "overlap." For instance, if you have already completed a data course, you may not be eligible for the Multiverse Data Fellowship programme.

  • Determine the program you would like to change to or be approved for (remember, we recommend only focusing on 1-2 program areas that align with your long-term career goals)

  • Update your profile to reflect the skills and qualifications for approval for those program areas.

  • After you’ve updated your profile, contact support specifying the program areas you are interested in and that you are ready for secondary approval.

We will review your request and consider you for the alternative program areas accordingly.

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