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Career Starter Application: Job Board
Career Starter Application: Job Board

Guides use of the job board and provides guidance to ensure approval, timely submission, and sets expectations towards review/response

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The Multiverse Candidate job board showcases all live roles that are being hired for at a given time. The job board links can be located below. Note that only approved candidates will have access to apply to roles in approved programs/localities.

All available jobs are shown on our job board. Roles are regularly added to the platform; please visit the job board routinely to search for new opportunities. If you do not see a role in your program or location, we currently do not have them available. We occasionally offer remote opportunities that don’t require relocation for certain employers. We do not have timetables for specific locations, programs, or companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have any remote jobs/ when will you get remote jobs?

    • All information is listed in the job description, so before you apply to a job make sure you look at the location of that apprenticeship to see whether or not it is in person. Please take a look at our job board to see what we’re currently offering. As we partner with employer-companies, we receive jobs on a rolling basis. As they create jobs, we post them! Please keep your eye on our job board and we will send you an email for any roles that might fit your profile.

  • Why can't Multiverse disclose the hiring headcount to candidates?

    • We do not typically share the hiring headcount. Based on the employers’ needs and the candidate pool, the headcount may change. Our advice to you is to always put your best foot forward by using resources to enhance your candidacy, regardless of the number of apprentices an employer is hiring!

  • Can you provide any general information about the size of the team or department?

    • While we might not know the specific size of the team you’d be interviewing for, we understand that you may want to know this information. This is a great opportunity for you to ask this specific question during an interview with the employer.

  • Why do clients prioritize candidates who are within a commutable distance?

    • We often find that our clients prefer candidates who are already within a commutable distance for a few reasons:

      • When candidates are located nearby, they have more flexibility and availability to work collaboratively, increase impact and influence, and network. It also allows for easier scheduling and reduces logistical challenges.

      • Candidates who are in the local area have a smoother onboarding experience since they do not have to go through the process of relocating. Apprenticeships are a large undertaking of work and learning, and the addition of moving can cause additional stress and risk to success in a program.

  • Are clients opposed to hiring candidates who are willing to relocate?

    • While clients typically prioritize candidates nearby, they may be open to candidates willing to relocate. We evaluate each candidate on an individual basis, considering their skills, experience, and fit for the role.

  • How can candidates demonstrate their commitment to relocating?

    • If you are interested in relocating, you should clearly communicate your commitment and readiness for relocation when you apply for individual roles and also understand neither Multiverse nor our employer partners offer financial assistance for relocation.

    • Additionally, we only encourage you to consider roles outside of your area if you have friends or family in the location you hope to move to.

    • Relocation for a job is a big commitment, and if you have not done it before, it can be a significant stressor. Our advice is to look on our job board for remote roles or roles in your current location.

  • I see that a job listing has expired. Can I still apply?

    • If you are unable to access an external shared job link or can no longer find the job posting on our candidate job boards, it means that the role application period has passed. It's important to note that job descriptions note deadlines that are time-sensitive and have specific hard goals to align with the client's review timeline for interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

  • Why can't I apply to _ role?

    • To apply for a role, you must first complete the necessary profile completion steps and gain approval for the relevant program. This ensures that you meet the qualifications and requirements for the position. We recommend focusing on completing your profile and following the steps outlined to gain access to the program. Once you have completed the necessary profile requirements let us know so we can review your profile towards program approval.

  • What is the difference between a final deadline and a priority deadline in a job description?

    • The priority deadline is set to allow candidates to seek support from the Multiverse Admissions team, to provide feedback and coaching to profiles to enhance candidacy, and to ensure the strongest possible opportunities for all.

    • On the other hand, the final job deadline represents the last date for submitting applications. After this final deadline, employer access to profiles will begin, so there is limited time for feedback and edits before the employer makes decisions regarding whom to invite to interviews.

  • Is the salary listed correctly?

    • Salaries, including benefits, are determined during the partnership process between Multiverse and the employer. These salary listings are typically final and aim to ensure that they meet the standard of a liveable wage in the specific location where the role is being offered. In addition, employers and Multiverse strive to ensure that salary offerings are equitable.

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