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Career Starter Application: Eligibility Requirements
Career Starter Application: Eligibility Requirements

This article outlines the eligibility requirements for individuals to be considered as career starter candidates, hired by Multiverse.

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  • The Multiverse Career Starter platform sign-up process will guide you through sign-up flow steps and may reject your profile at sign-up if you do not meet the necessary qualifications, or misrepresent qualifications during sign-up. Please read the eligibility requirements, below. If rejected during the sign-up flow, please read the platform rationale provided. If you believe your sign-up rejection was an error, please contact support.

UK Eligibility Requirements

  • Below are the eligibility criteria:

    • 16+ years of age

    • Must have the right to work in the UK

      • Please note that you will need to evidence of your right to work for the duration of the program before you start your apprenticeship with Multiverse

    • Have lived in the UK continuously for the past three years

    • Have not completed a 3+ year university degree

    • Evidence of GCSE English & Maths 4-9 (C-A*) or functional skills equivalent qualification

US Eligibility Requirements

  • 18+ years of age

  • Must have the right to work in the US

    • US Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Drivers License/ ID + Social Security Account Number, Employment Authorization Document

    • Note: current/future sponsorship is not available from employers, and this will be verified upon hire.

  • Are not enrolled and/or have not completed a 4+ year recognized degree

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I apply if I have a completed 4-year degree?

    • Multiverse believes apprenticeships should be prioritized as a way of empowering career starters to build great careers without first having to pursue 4 years of university education. That being said, the career starter program is an educational apprenticeship program available at partner companies solely for candidates without completed degrees.

  • Can I complete this program while enrolled in school?

    • Our mission at Multiverse is to provide an outstanding alternative to college via professional apprenticeships. Our program replaces the traditional education expectations of many employers. During the length of the program, you'll work full-time. 80% of your time will be as a full-time employee at your new employer, and 20% of your time will be spent learning technical and durable/”soft” skills with a coach at Multiverse. Due to this significant time commitment, we have found that our most successful apprentices were those who focused completely on the Multiverse program and job. Candidates who have, or are on track to completing a 4-year degree are ineligible for the Multiverse apprenticeship program.

  • I was previously rejected for age. How should I proceed?

    • We have since updated our age eligibility to include candidates 18+ who meet the education and right-to-work criteria. If you have previously been rejected for age eligibility and wish to restart the sign-up process, please let us know and we can reset your account.

  • UK: I was prompted to submit grades. How should I proceed?

    • You only need to send in evidence of your Maths and English GCSE (or equivalent) grades, if prompted by the UK Admissions team. If asked to do so, please submit a clear photograph or scan of your official certificate(s) to ensure they will be accepted as proof. Please note that this applies to both UK and international certificates and the statement of results does not qualify as evidence.

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