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Career Starter Application: Platform Troubleshooting
Career Starter Application: Platform Troubleshooting

An overview of common profile troubleshooting steps and when it may be necessary to escalate for profile review, approval, or tech support.

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The Multiverse Profile serves as the main source of client evaluation towards interview and ultimate hire. Below are some examples of errors or barriers that you may come across as you work to complete your profile towards approval. Use this to guide action.

Profile Completion Process

Profile completion on the Platform is broken down into:

  • Sign Up:

    • The first step of creating your profile is signing up for your account with your email and a password, and submitting basic background information. At this stage, the platform will reject anyone who does not meet program qualifications, so be mindful of the information you are submitting.

  • Profile:

    • The next step is to build out your profile, which later serves as your portfolio for clients to review during interviews. Use the profile embedded guidance to complete your profile video, about me, highlights, and any skills assessments.

  • Next Steps

    • Following, you will be prompted to complete the situational assessment, declare your right to work, and complete any program skills assessments.

  • Profile Approval

    • Afterward, a member of the Admissions team will review your profile for feedback, program qualification, and approval.

  • Apply for Jobs

    • Once reviewed & approved, you will be eligible to apply for roles on the job board within your approved program area(s) and locality.

Address Not Recognized

  • I am located in the US/UK and am being directed to the opposing sign-up link/I can't get past the address section. How do I proceed?

    • Please ensure that you are signing up where you reside

      • UK sign up:

      • US sign up:

    • The platform's system recognizes the postal code format from your locality, and this could be the reason for any declined sign-up attempts.

    • If so, delete your account and start again under the correct region.

Technical Errors

  • I'm receiving a technical error. How do I proceed?

    • If you encounter an error code while signing up or creating your profile on the Multiverse platform, first try these troubleshooting steps:

      • Check your internet connection.

      • Clear your browser cache and cookies.

      • Restart your device.

      • Update your web browser to the latest version (Chrome suggested)

      • Disable any browser extensions temporarily.

    • If you continue to encounter the challenge, please get in touch with support and provide the error message you are receiving and any screenshots for our team to evaluate the next steps.

Applying to Roles

  • I can’t apply for jobs/why am I not approved or progressed?:

    • To check for any pending completion requirements, navigate to the left side of your profile and access the progress tracker. It's important to note that the progress tracker simply measures the quantity of completion, indicating the number of requirements fulfilled.

    • For quality of completion towards approval, use the Candidate Profile Polishing Checklist as a guide. Ensure to maximize content, highlighting your related skills to your subject(s) of interest, completing your video, and meeting the program qualification measure(s).

    • If you believe you have met all of the requirements for quality and quantity qualification and have not received outreach for feedback/approval within 5 business days, please contact support.

  • I was previously an apprentice and can't apply for new roles as my profile is locked/shows my old profile:

    • To re-enter the talent pool, your coach will need to provide an internal recommendation based on your previous performance and your status of apprenticeship completion, or your reason for withdrawal/ termination/ redundancy. Please reach out to your coach who will be able to assist you with this. If your coach no longer works at Multiverse, please get in touch with our support team via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner.

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