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Changing Employer During an Apprenticeship
Changing Employer During an Apprenticeship

Guidelines for changing employment during a UK apprenticeship

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Apprentices in the UK transitioning between employers often face challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining the continuity of their apprenticeships. This article serves as a guide for Multiverse apprentices to navigate employer changes smoothly, ensuring compliance and continued participation in the apprenticeship program.

Change of Employer Process

When planning to change your employer, it is crucial to communicate the change to your Multiverse coach. Promptly informing your coach helps facilitate a seamless transition and maintains the validity of your apprenticeship. The information you should provide includes:

  • New employer name

  • Your new work email address - or a personal email if the work email is not yet available

  • Last date at current employer and first date at new employer

  • New Manager name/email address and/or a HR contact

Importance of Early Notification

Informing your new employer about your apprenticeship during the interview process is advised. This helps determine whether they are supportive of your apprenticeship commitments.

Utilizing Support Materials

Should your new employer express interest in supporting your apprenticeship, utilize the email templates provided here to outline the necessary next steps efficiently.

Next Steps

Once your coach has been informed, they will coordinate with internal stakeholders to administratively facilitate the employer change. Multiverse will engage with your new employer to finalize the change. Upon confirmation from your new employer, you can continue your apprenticeship under their sponsorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already changed employer, can I still continue the apprenticeship?

  • You should inform your coach as soon as possible to explore the possibility of continuing your apprenticeship under the new employer.

How much does my new employer have to pay for my apprenticeship?

  • The compliance team will calculate this and inform a nominated Multiverse Account Executive, who will then discuss payment options with your new employer.

I am changing employer after the gateway, do I still need to inform my new employer or can I sit the End Point Assessment without an employer?

  • Please contact your coach for guidance on whether you can sit the End Point Assessment without the involvement of your new employer. This will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with approval from the EPAO.

I have just begun the apprenticeship and am looking to change employers.

  • Inform your coach as your apprenticeship may need to be paused and then restarted once you re-enrol with a new employer.

Can I continue the apprenticeship if I am not working in England?

  • The new employer must be based in England. If you are with an international company operating from an office in England, that is acceptable.

I informed my coach that I am changing employer but have now decided to stay with my current employer.

  • Inform your coach immediately and contact support to halt the employer change process.

Why have I received an email from the government website informing me that I have withdrawn from the apprenticeship?

  • This may happen if your previous employer terminated your apprenticeship record on the Digital Apprenticeship Service. You may need to be added back by your new employer.

My new employer is not willing to support my apprenticeship, can I complete it at a later stage?

  • If your situation changes and you find another employer willing to support your apprenticeship in the future, you may be able to re-enter the program then.

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