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Managing Redundancy During an Apprenticeship
Managing Redundancy During an Apprenticeship

Rules and options for apprentices who have been made redundant during their apprenticeship

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Redundancy in any organization can be a challenging and often unavoidable outcome of broader economic conditions. This article provides essential guidance for UK apprentices at Multiverse who might face redundancy. It aims to explain their options and next steps in continuing with their training program, catering specifically to their unique circumstances. The primary audience for this guidance is apprentices experiencing or at risk of redundancy, ensuring they receive the necessary support to continue their professional development and learning journey.

Managing Redundancy: Next Steps for Apprentices

Immediate Actions after Redundancy

When you're informed about your redundancy, it's crucial to take care of both your mental wellbeing and the administrative steps necessary to continue your apprenticeship:

  • First and foremost, you should consider your own wellbeing. If you need support, you can reach out to Multiverse’s safeguarding team on [email protected]. They can provide support and resources to help you manage stress and anxiety at this difficult time.

  • Inform Your Coach: Contact your coach as soon as possible to discuss your redundancy. It's important to share any details and documents related to your redundancy, such as the letter of dismissal or redundancy notice. This documentation is vital as it:

    • Confirms your redundancy status (as opposed to dismissed or resigned).

    • Provides the official date of redundancy.

    • If you haven't received a redundancy letter, request one from your employer to share with your apprenticeship provider.

What Happens to My Apprenticeship if I've Been Made Redundant?

Depending on the time remaining on your apprenticeship, there are specific rules about how you can proceed.

Scenario 1: Less than 6 Months Remaining until Planned Learning End Date

  • Rule: You may continue your apprenticeship without an employer, with the ESFA funding 100% of the remaining costs. However, if you find a new role applicable to your apprenticeship, the new employer must take over the funding responsibilities.

  • Action Required: Discuss with your coach to determine if you can finish your apprenticeship under this rule. Note that some assessments require active employment, and continuation may not be feasible in every case.

Scenario 2: More than 6 Months Remaining until Planned Learning End Date

  • Rule: The apprenticeship can continue with ESFA funding covering 100% of the costs for up to 12 weeks while you search for a new role. Upon securing a new, relevant position, the new employer assumes financial responsibility.

  • Action Required: You are allowed to continue learning for a maximum of 12 weeks post-redundancy while seeking employment. Failing to find a new role within this period requires withdrawal from the apprenticeship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out what my planned learning end date is?

  • This is included in your training plan. Please note that your planned end date may have changed if you have been on a break-in-learning. If this is the case, please get in touch and we can confirm this for you.

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