Accessing Peer Support

What the Peer Support Portal is and how to participate in peer support opportunities

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In the Multiverse Community, apprentices have the unique opportunity to enhance their learning experience through the Peer Support Portal. This portal is designed to facilitate connections between new apprentices and those who are further along or have completed their apprenticeships.

Why use the Peer Support Portal?

The Peer Support Portal is a cornerstone of the Multiverse apprenticeship experience for several key reasons:

  • Direct Advice: Ask questions and receive guidance from peers who have firsthand experience of your current challenges.

  • Focus Your Coaching Sessions: Utilize the knowledge from peer interactions to keep your formal coaching sessions concentrated on apprenticeship content.

  • Networking: Establish professional connections that could support you throughout your apprenticeship and beyond.

How to Connect With Peers

Connecting with a peer mentor is quick and streamlined:

  1. Log in to the Multiverse Community Hub.

  2. Navigate to the Peer Support Portal.

  3. Browse profiles of available mentors who are either in the advanced stages of their apprenticeship or are alumni.

  4. Send an initial request to connect with the mentor of your choice. This can be done in seconds through the portal.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are over three months into your apprenticeship or if you are an alumni, consider giving back by becoming a mentor:

  • Apply through the provided link to start helping new apprentices.

Additional Resources

For more insights and experiences from peers, consider reading the following articles:

These resources can offer practical advice and inspire you to make the most of the community and the support available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask a peer mentor?

  • Peer mentors can provide advice on navigating the apprenticeship, balancing work and personal life, and specific queries about modules or assignments.

How quickly can I expect a response from a mentor?

  • While response times can vary, mentors typically reply within a few days.

Are there any costs involved in using the Peer Support Portal?

  • No, accessing and using the Peer Support Portal is completely free for all Multiverse apprentices.

Need further support? If you have spotted a bug with the Peer Support Portal, our Support Team are on hand to help. You can reach the Support Team via the chat widget on the bottom right-hand side of this page.

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