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Functional Skills Learning Support

Maths and English learning support options, pathways, and how to book

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In the UK, Government regulations mandate Level 2 English and Maths qualifications for apprenticeship programs. These qualifications can be complex to navigate, but the Multiverse Functional Skills team is here to smooth the path to your success. This article outlines the support structures available to apprentices requiring Maths and English qualifications, details on the pathway offerings, and how to effectively plan and choose the right pathway through guided assessments.

Understanding Your Learning Options

Choosing the Right Pathway

To meet the requirements for apprenticeships, it’s crucial to choose a learning pathway that best suits your individual needs. Here are the available options:


  • 10-week Live Course (1.5 hours per week): Interact with tutors and peers for guided learning.

  • 10-week E-learning Course (1.5 hours per week): Learn at your own pace with structured online material.

  • 2-week Past Paper Masterclass Course (minimum 2 hours per week): Brush up on important topics through intense past paper practice.

  • Self-guided E-learning: Control your study schedule entirely, accessing materials anytime.


  • 4-week Live Course (Reading or Writing, 1 hour per week): Focus intensively on developing either your reading or writing skills.

  • 1-week Group Marking Session (Reading and Writing, run bi-weekly for 1 hour): Receive feedback and engage in peer learning.

  • Self-guided E-learning: Explore materials independently, catered to your pace.

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Diagnostic Assessments

To help guide you to the most suitable pathway based on your ability, we offer diagnostic assessments. These tools are designed to evaluate your current skill level in Maths and English and recommend a tailored learning journey, all in just 15 minutes.

Grade Boundaries

Understanding the grading system is key to plotting your path to passing. Here are the current NCFE grade boundaries you should be aware of:

  • Maths: Total Marks - 60, Pass Mark Percentage - 57-60%

  • Reading: Total Marks - 30, Pass Mark Percentage - 53%

  • Writing: Total Marks - 44, Pass Mark Percentage - 59%

Learning Resources

All apprentices can access our Community Hub, which houses supplementary resources – from sample papers to instructional videos and self-assessment tools. It's also a space for you to connect with fellow apprentices, share experiences, and seek advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the Maths and English E-learning resources?

  • You will receive an email with links to access the E-learning courses. If you cannot locate this, you can contact our support team.

What is the most time-efficient way to prepare for Functional Skills exams?

  • The fastest way to prepare depends on your current level of understanding. Utilizing the self-assessment tools available on our Community Hub can help pinpoint areas needing focus, which makes preparation more efficient. Completing practice papers for Reading, Writing, and Maths is also highly recommended.

Need further support? Our Support Team are happy to help. You can contact the support team via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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