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Cognassist is a strategic partner of Multiverse, designed to facilitate the assessment and personalized support of cognitive diversity and neurodiversity among apprentices. This article provides detailed insights into the neurodiversity assessment provided by the Cognassist platform and outlines the resources available to apprentices during their program. It serves as a guide for new apprentices to understand and engage with this optional aspect of their developmental journey at Multiverse.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity recognizes the diversity of human brains and intellects, and acknowledges that each individual has unique cognitive strengths and challenges. This concept supports the idea that differences in learning and thinking should be welcomed and acknowledged as any other form of diversity, emphasizing the importance of inclusive practices and support systems in educational and professional environments.

Neurodiversity Assessment

The initial stage in utilizing the Cognassist platform is completing a neurodiversity assessment. This assessment, lasting approximately 35 minutes, evaluates your cognitive profile across nine key learning domains:

  1. Literacy

  2. Verbal Reasoning

  3. Verbal Memory

  4. Numeracy

  5. Visual Perception

  6. Non-Verbal Memory

  7. Visual Information Processing Speed

  8. Executive Function

  9. Reading Decoding

These domains are grouped into three cognitive indexes: Language & Numbers, Visual & Fluid, and Memory, including an evaluation of your overall speed of processing information.

The Benefits of Cognassist

Engaging with Cognassist can significantly enhance your apprenticeship experience in several ways:

  • Self-awareness: Gaining insights into your own cognitive functioning can help tailor your learning process.

  • Personalized Support: Based on your assessment results, specific strategies and supports are implemented to enhance your learning and performance.

  • Workplace Integration: Sharing your Cognassist results with your employer, with your consent, may facilitate better workplace support aligned to your cognitive needs.

By understanding and embracing your neurodiverse profile, Multiverse ensures the implementation of strategies that assist in maximizing your potential during your apprenticeship.

What to Expect

Upon joining Multiverse, you will receive an invitation to complete the Cognassist assessment the day following your Flying Start induction. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Receiving the invite: Check your email for the link to start the assessment.

  • If an invite is not received or expired: Contact your coach to issue a new invitation.

  • After completing the assessment: A comprehensive report detailing your performance across the cognitive domains will be delivered by the Multiverse Apprentice Support team within 7 working days. This report will also include recommendations for further support if necessary.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy

Your privacy is paramount. Information obtained from your Cognassist assessment is treated with the highest confidentiality. Access to this data is strictly limited to:

  • You

  • Your coach

  • The Apprentice Support Team at Multiverse

Your data will not be shared with your employer or any external party without your explicit consent. However, considering potential benefits, you are encouraged to share this information with your manager.

Limitations of Cognassist

It is important to recognize that Cognassist is not:

  • A diagnostic tool for specific learning needs.

  • Infallible; like any assessment tool, results can vary due to various factors including response biases and environmental conditions.

Cognassist is best seen as a part of a wider support system available to apprentices at Multiverse, aimed at contributing to tailored educational and professional development opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don’t receive my Cognassist assessment invite?

  • Contact your coach directly to have a new invite sent to you.

Can I share my Cognassist results with my employer?

  • Yes, sharing your results can be beneficial, but it is entirely optional and requires your consent.

What happens if the results do not reflect known conditions?

  • The Cognassist assessment is one of many tools used to understand and support your learning needs. Results are informative and can lead to further individualized assessments or conversations about your specific needs.

Need further support? If you have any questions about Cognassist, you can reach out to the ALN Apprentice Support Team at Multiverse:

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