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Functional Skills Exam Process
Functional Skills Exam Process

Types of exams, the booking and preparation process, and follow-up processes including resits

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This article provides essential information for apprentices in the UK who need to meet the Government requirement of Level 2 English and Maths qualifications by sitting for Functional Skills exams through Multiverse. This guide details the types of exams, the booking and preparation process, and follow-up processes including resits. It serves to assist Multiverse apprentices in successfully navigating and completing their mandatory Functional Skills exams as part of their apprenticeship requirements.

Functional Skills Exams Explained

Types of Exams and Components

For apprentices required to demonstrate proficiency in English, Functional Skills exams include:

  1. Reading (1 hour)

  2. Writing (1 hour)

  3. Speaking & Listening (1.5-2 hours)

For Maths, the exam is split into:

  1. Calculator allowed section (1.5 hours)

  2. Non-calculator section (30 minutes)

More details on what to expect from the exams can be found on the Community Hub.

Exam Location

All exams, except the Speaking & Listening exam which is conducted via Zoom/Teams, are remotely invigilated using the Google Proctor extension.

Exam Schedule and Timings

Enrolment and Exam Booking Invitations: If you have not provided proof of Level 2 maths and English qualifications by day 43 post-flying-start, you will receive an email from [email protected] with links to book exams and access resources.

Exam Scheduling Window: Apprentices have a window between 43 days and 6 months into their programme to complete Functional Skills exams, including any necessary resits.

Confirmation of Exam Booking: Apprentices should expect to receive confirmation of their exam booking within 3 working days.

System Check and Exam Launch Link: Two days before the booked exam date, a system check and exam launch link for Maths, Reading, and Writing exams will be automatically sent from [email protected]. Please ensure you receive this email and contact support if not.

Exam Start Time: Maths, Reading, and Writing exams can be started at any time within a 24-hour period on the designated exam day. The timing for your Speaking and Listening exam will be specified in the booking confirmation.

Booking Your Exams

Forty-three days after commencing the programme, apprentices will receive an email from ‘[email protected]’ with detailed instructions regarding how to book their exams. If the email isn't in your inbox, check your spam folder or contact the support team for assistance.

Rescheduling and Cancellation

  • Reading, Writing or Maths exams:

    • For apprentices who started before 09/09/23: Please reach out to the support team.

    • For apprentices who started after 09/09/23: Should you need to reschedule your Maths, Reading, or Writing exams, locate the original booking confirmation email from ‘[email protected]’ and use the link to select a new date.

  • Speaking and Listening exams: If you wish to cancel your Speaking & Listening exam, this can be done up to two weeks before the exam date via a 'cancel' link provided in your Calendly confirmation email. Note, cancellations or non-attendance after this period will count as an attempt, and may incur charges to your employer.

Exam Preparation

Refer to the 'Exam Set Up and Technical Requirements' article at least one week prior to your exam. This ensures all systems are compatible and ready and that you understand exam expectations.

Receiving Results

Results will be communicated via email.

  • Reading, Writing or Maths exams: Allow 6-10 working days.

  • Speaking and Listening exams: Results will be sent within 6 working days unless further information is required for release, extending this timeline to about 11 working days. Any delays will be communicated five days post-exam.

Resit Procedure

Apprentices have up to three attempts at each exam. If you do not pass an exam:

  • A specialist tutor will contact you to provide targeted support.

  • Further tutor support will be aligned with identified areas of development.

  • Your resit will be scheduled 6-8 weeks post the initial attempt.

Exam Troubleshooting

I have not received my exam link

  • Reading, Writing or Maths exams: If you have not received your exam link, check your spam/junk folder first. Ensure emails from [email protected] are not blocked by your IT settings. Contact our support team if the issue persists.

  • Speaking and Listening exams: Check you have the calendar event in your diary. You need this for the date, time, and link. If you cannot locate this, check your spam/junk folder first, and then reach out to our support team.

What should I do if I experience technical difficulties during the exam?

  • Reading, Writing or Maths exams: During the system check and/or the assessment, if you encounter any technical difficulties, you’ll be able to access Surpass online chat support. This can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If this does not help, end the exam and contact the Multiverse Support Team to let us know what happened.

  • Speaking and Listening exams: Please reach out to the Multiverse Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sit a Functional Skills Exam during a Break-In-Learning (BIL)?

  • No - you must return to the programme before booking and taking your Functional Skills exams. Engaging with exams or learning support during BIL breaches compliance rules.

Need further support? Our Support Team are happy to help. You can contact the Support Team using the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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