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How To Change Your Apprentice Manager
How To Change Your Apprentice Manager

A guide for apprentices who need to update their apprentice manager.

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Having an Apprentice Manager is an essential part of an apprenticeship. As well as supporting apprentices in the workplace, they will need to complete key compliance tasks such as progress reviews throughout the apprenticeship. If an Apprentice Manager needs to change during the apprenticeship, this guide will explain how apprentices can update this on Multiverse platforms.

Note for candidates still in the application stage: This guide will not apply to you as you will not yet have a learning platform. Instead, please reach out to our support team via the chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner if you need to change your nominated manager.

How to change your Apprentice Manager

Step One: Log into your learning platform

This will either be Applied ( or My Multiverse ( If you have just started your apprenticeship and you aren't sure which one this is, you can access your learning platform through your platform account by clicking 'Go to learning platform'.

Step Two: Navigate to where user details are stored

  • If your learning platform is My Multiverse, select your user icon on the top right. From the dropdown menu, choose 'User Settings'.

  • If your learning platform is Applied, click on the profile in the top right. Click 'Edit details'.

Step Three: Select 'Update your Apprentice Manager'

Step Four: Make any changes

When done, save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Need further support? Our Support Team are happy to help. You can contact the Support Team via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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