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Accessing Community Event Recordings
Accessing Community Event Recordings

How to view recordings of Community Events

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This article provides instructions on how to access recordings of Community events on the Multiverse platform, specifically aimed at apprentices who could not attend the live sessions. These recordings allow you to catch up on past events at your own pace and convenience.

Locating the Recordings

  1. Go to the Community Hub at Multiverse Community Media Center OR navigate through the main menu by selecting: Events > Event Recordings. You will see the recordings categorized by the Event Series.

  2. Choose the series or specific event you are interested in to access the recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an event recording to become available on the Community Hub?

  • Event recordings are generally uploaded to the Community Hub within five working days following the event.

Are all Community events recorded and available for later viewing?

  • Most Community events will be recorded, however, on the odd occasion, they may not be. It should be highlighted at the top of the event’s page if it is not recorded.


Need further support? If it has been 5 working days after the event and the event page does not highlight that it wasn't recorded, please reach out to our support team who will be happy to assist. You can contact the support team via the chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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