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Upskiller Application: Understanding Prior Learning
Upskiller Application: Understanding Prior Learning

This article describes what counts as prior learning and how this relates to eligibility [UK-specific]

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An apprenticeship is a chance to learn new knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Therefore, we want to ensure that you learn a significant amount of new skills and will not be duplicating any existing knowledge while completing your apprenticeship. This is required of us by the government as our apprenticeships are paid for by Levy funding.

Prior learning and your application

To determine whether you have any overlap with the learning outcomes we teach in our programs, we will ask you some questions about your past academic and experiential (on-the-job) learning in our application.

  • Academic learning: we will need to collect some information about your past qualifications to check whether there may be some overlap between the contents you were taught and the learning outcomes of our apprenticeship.

    • Current training: we’ll need to know whether you are currently completing any other form of study (e.g. degree, apprenticeship, training program).

    • Highest qualification: we will ask you what the highest qualification you hold is (e.g. GCSE, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.) and whether you covered any of the topics from our program during your studies.

    • Other relevant qualifications: we’ll need to know if you have studied any other qualifications that might be relevant (e.g. a previous Bachelor's degree, apprenticeship, or other type of training).

  • Experiential learning: we will ask you a series of questions in the application to determine what your current level of knowledge is in the learning outcomes we teach in our program. Please answer this as accurately as possible so that we can assess what your current knowledge is, and tailor our support accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I join if I am currently studying for another qualification?

    • It will depend on how it is funded and the time commitment involved. If the qualification you are studying involves some sort of government funding (e.g. levy funding or student loan), then you will not be eligible to join one of our apprenticeships until you have completed that qualification, as we will not be able to claim funds for you to begin studying another qualification at the same time.

      When it comes to the time commitment, you must be able to manage your work, the apprenticeship requirements (off-the-job learning), and any other study you are undertaking. It is important that you consider how you can balance all of these and maintain your commitment to the apprenticeship before applying.

  • What is considered “too much overlap”?

    • It will depend on the program you want to join. We can make adjustments for small amounts of overlap you may have (for example, basic Excel knowledge when wanting to join our Data Literacy/Data & Insights for Business Decisions program). We just need to make sure that you are not already familiar with and can comfortably work with a significant amount of the learning we will aim to teach you through the apprenticeship (e.g. if you are already an expert in analyzing data in Excel, our Data Literacy/Data & Insights for Business Decisions program would not be the best fit, as you would not be learning enough new skills).

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