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Degree Apprenticeship Assessment Policies
Degree Apprenticeship Assessment Policies

An outline of policies relevant to apprentices enrolled in degree programs

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Multiverse offers a combination of degree and non-degree apprenticeships, each tailored with specific academic requirements and guidelines unique to their structure. For degree apprenticeships, understanding the additional rules relating to academic credit, assignment submissions, and academic integrity is crucial. This guide aims to provide an overview of degree apprenticeship regulations and provide a clear pathway for apprentices to access more comprehensive policy documents.

Academic Extensions and Penalties

Can I have an extension for my assignment?

Multiverse provides the opportunity for assignment extensions only under exceptional conditions. Extensions up to one week may be granted when apprentices face unavoidable circumstances. To request an extension:

  1. Review the conditions listed under 'extenuating circumstances' in the Degree Apprenticeships assessments policy available here.

  2. Submit the Extenuating Circumstances Form, which can be found here, within 5 working days of the assignment’s original deadline.

  3. After submitting a claim, you should work towards the 5-day extension deadline whilst waiting for the outcome.

If rejected your work will instead be considered under the late policy, meaning you get a grade penalty and/or you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision which if upheld would remove that penalty.

Can I defer submissions to a later quarter if I have a long-term issue?

A deferral is a policy designed to support apprentices who encounter extenuating circumstances that significantly impede their ability to meet their submission or module completion deadlines. This policy allows an apprentice to postpone their submissions to the subsequent quarter or later. Extenuating circumstances could include long-term illnesses or other significant disruptions. It is important to note that if the situation allows for an extension rather than a full deferral, that option may be pursued instead. Comprehensive guidelines on when and how to apply for a deferral can be found in the Extenuating Circumstances section of the Assessment Policy.

I can't submit my assessment on time, will I get a penalty?

Late submissions without an approved extension will face the following penalties:

  • Up to 2 days late: Reduction of 1 letter grade (e.g., B to C+).

  • 3 to 5 days late: Reduction of 2 letter grades (e.g., B to C).

  • Beyond 5 days: A grade of U (ungradable/fail).

Your work will be marked on merit, and when the grade is shared with you after marking it is provisional and therefore will not include the late penalty. The late cap is applied by the Board of Examiners which takes place in week 4 of the following module, after which you will receive your official grade in an email.

Scheduling and Conflicts

Handling Holidays and Deadlines

Apprentices must manage their holidays around the pre-set academic deadlines, disclosed well in advance by Multiverse. Deadlines are provided with plenty of notice, so assignments should be submitted in advance if an apprentice books a holiday over the deadline. Exceptions exist for holidays booked prior to the start of your apprenticeship but not for those booked after the academic schedule is known.

Support for Special Circumstances

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a condition that impacts my ability to complete my assignments. How can I gain support for this?

Apprentices with conditions that affect their ability to complete assignments are encouraged to seek support early on. The initial step involves contacting the additional learning needs team to outline a comprehensive support plan for the duration of the apprenticeship. Details on initiating this process are available here.

Situations necessitating an Extenuating Circumstances claim:

  • New Diagnoses: If you have been recently diagnosed and have not had the opportunity to notify Multiverse.

  • Exacerbation of Conditions: A significant worsening of a condition beyond what is typical and which was not anticipated in the agreed adjustments.

  • Other Extenuating Circumstances: Any new circumstances that impact your ability to complete assignments and are not related to previously disclosed conditions.

Academic Integrity and Use of AI

Can I use AI in my assignments?

AI tools may be used as supplemental aids in completing assignments, provided they are acknowledged appropriately in your work according to the AI acceptable use guidance. Additionally, conform to your company’s specific AI policy to avoid misuse. Transparent declaration of AI use in assignments is mandatory for academic integrity.

Managing Academic Misconduct Cases

If invited to an Academic Misconduct (AM) meeting, it indicates a need to review and discuss your submission for possible violations. It’s an opportunity to present context or clarification before any penalties are applied. Outcomes of these meetings are, at first, provisional. AM outcomes are only shared with your employer if major or gross (not for poor academic practice or minor cases).

Full details can be found in the assessment policy here.

Submission Guidelines and Issues

Guidelines for Word Counts

Markers will evaluate your assignment up to the specified word count limit, excluding references and bibliographies. Failure to comply can negatively affect your grade. Further instructions and details will be in your assessment brief on the Multiverse portal.

Technical Problems with Online Submission Platforms

Should issues arise with submission platforms such as Turnitin:

  • Reach out to the support team for help.

  • Ensure you email the assignment to [email protected] before the original deadline to avoid penalties for late submission.

Understanding and Managing Grades

Why is my grade Provisional?

Upon submission, your work undergoes internal marking and moderation, followed by issuing a provisional grade within 20 working days. This grade remains provisional for two primary reasons:

  1. External Moderation Pending: External moderation ensures alignment with broader higher education standards. Adjustments may occur if quality expectations are not met.

  2. Anonymous Marking: Grades reflect only the quality of the submitted work, irrespective of submission timeliness, attempt number, or academic misconduct flags.

The Board of Examiners then reviews these provisional grades, incorporating full context, before confirming the final official grades.

How is my overall grade calculated?

Assignment grades significantly influence the overall degree classification. The exact impact of each assignment grade can vary depending on the module specifics, the year of study, and the credit value. To understand how your grades are calculated and their potential effects on your final degree classification, consult the Academic Regulations Policy.

Challenging Assessment Outcomes

What can I do if I disagree with the outcome from the Board of Examiners?

If you believe there has been an error in the evaluation of your work or in the adherence to policy processes, you have the right to appeal. The outcome email from your Board of Examiners will include a link to submit an appeal.

Grounds for appeal include:

  • Material Error: Mistakes made in processing your results or failure to adhere to policy by Multiverse.

  • Undisclosed Extenuating Circumstances: If you had valid reasons aligned with our policies for delays or non-submission and were unable to disclose these within 5 working days from the deadline.

Appeals unlikely to be upheld:

  • Challenging Grades: Appeals solely questioning academic judgment are not typically upheld due to rigorous three-stage quality assurance processes.

  • Apprentice/Workplace Errors: Mistakes attributed directly to apprentice actions or workplace issues without connection to material errors or undisclosed circumstances are also unlikely to be approved.

Supporting Evidence for Appeals

You are requested to submit your claim by the specified deadline—within 10 working days after receiving the Board of Examiners outcome email for appeals. If you are unable to provide evidence by these deadlines, you should still submit your claim on time and specify when the evidence will be available.

Need further support? Our Support Team are on hand to help. You can reach the support team via the chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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