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Receiving your EPA Result and Certificate
Receiving your EPA Result and Certificate

Timelines for receiving results and certification, and what to do if these are not received

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This article is designed to guide UK apprentices who have completed their End-Point Assessment (EPA) regarding the timeline for receiving their results and certificates, and the steps to take if these are not received as expected.

Receiving Your EPA Results

Timeline for Results

After you've completed your EPA, your results will be processed and sent to you within 10 to 15 working days. You will receive one of three grades: Distinction, Merit, or Pass unless you have failed the assessment.

Notification and Receipt of Results

The results will be emailed to you around 5pm on the day they become available. We retrieve these results from your assessing organization and promptly communicate them to you. It is advisable to check your primary and junk email boxes to ensure you have not missed the communication. If it has been over 15 working days and you have not received your result, please reach out to our Support Team.

Certificate Delivery After EPA Results

Certificate Timeline

You should expect to receive your EPA certificate up to three months after your results have been communicated to you. This certificate serves as official recognition of your achievement and competence in your apprenticeship.

Delivery Details and Handling Issues

Certificates are typically sent to your employer's address. It is possible to change the delivery address by informing the EPAO before your EPA. For replacements due to non-receipt or damage, contact your EPAO directly; they will investigate and issue a replacement if necessary, typically within 15 days of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wait time for my result once I have completed my EPA interview?

  • Your result will be released up to 15 working days after your assessment.

Why haven’t I received my result?

  • The result will be emailed to you around 5pm the day we receive it from the assessment body. Remember to check your junk mailbox too. Please get in touch with the support team if it has been more than 15 working days.

I have not received my result and it has been 15 working days since my assessment date, have I failed?

  • If you fail the assessment, your coach will be notified. They will reach out to discuss the results and potential resit options with you.

My peers took their EPA later than me and have received their result before me, should I be worried?

  • No - there are many factors that affect result timelines and waiting longer does not mean an increased chance of failure.

Where is my certificate?

  • If it has been over three months since your result was announced and you haven’t received your certificate, email your EPAO for an update. They can reorder a replacement if necessary, which will be sent either to your employer or home address within approximately 15 days from the approval of your request.

When are certificates delivered?

  • Certificates are mailed to your employer's address up to three months after the result release.

Will I receive a physical or electronic copy of my certificate?

  • The apprenticeship provider issues only physical certificates; electronic copies are not provided.

Need further support? If the time period for expected results has passed and you have not received this, please reach out to our Support Team. You can get in touch with our Support Team by using the chat widget on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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