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EPA Gateway Forms: Troubleshooting
EPA Gateway Forms: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and support for common issues with gateway forms

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As you approach the culmination of your apprenticeship, a key milestone is your official gateway meeting which involves you, your line manager, and your coach. This meeting marks your readiness to proceed to the End-Point Assessment (EPA) and signals your last day of formal learning. This article is designed to guide you through understanding and handling the gateway forms that you will receive on this pivotal day.

Understanding Your Gateway Forms

On the day of your gateway meeting, you will receive at least two forms, the exact number depending on the programme you are enrolled in and the End-Point Assessment Organisation handling your assessment. These forms are typically sent out automatically to you, your coach, and your line manager.

It is vital for all parties—yourself, your line manager, and your coach—to carefully review the gateway forms for accuracy. Any errors detected after signing must be corrected by resending and re-signing the updated forms by all parties involved.

Troubleshooting Common Form Issues

Non-receipt of Forms

If you do not receive the gateway forms on the morning of your scheduled gateway date:

  • Check your email’s junk or spam folder.

  • If still not found, contact support for reissue.

Updating Contact Details

If there is a need to change your or your line manager's email address:

  • Contact the support team specifying the new email address.

  • The necessary updates will be made, and the forms will be resent accordingly.

Editing Signed Forms

Once a form has been signed, it cannot be edited in its current state. If you need to make amendments after signing:

  • Contact our support team; we will reopen the form for you to edit.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the gateway forms?

  • Gateway forms are sent out on the morning of your scheduled gateway date. If you have not received these, please first check your junk mail, and then contact support.

I need to change my own or my line manager’s email address linked on the gateway forms, can this be updated and forms resent?

  • Yes, please contact support and provide the new email address you wish the forms to be sent to. We will then arrange for the forms to be updated and resent promptly.

I cannot edit the form once I have signed it, why is this?

  • For security and record-keeping purposes, forms cannot be edited after signing. However, if you need to amend the form post-signing, please contact us so we can reopen the form allowing you to make the necessary edits.

Need further support? If you need the forms resent, or details updated, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to help. Our Support Team can be reached by starting a conversation using the chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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