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Managing Your End Point Assessment Booking
Managing Your End Point Assessment Booking

How your EPA assessment is booked, and how to manage conflicts

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The End-Point Assessment (EPA) is a crucial final evaluation for apprentices in the UK, designed to impartially assess the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and behaviors stipulated in the apprenticeship standard. This article serves as a guide for apprentices on how to manage their EPA scheduling from booking to handling unexpected changes.

Booking Your EPA

Booking Process

Once you've successfully passed through the gateway phase and your documents have been approved, your End-Point Assessment (EPA) will be scheduled by your designated End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). Here’s what you can expect depending on your EPAO:

  • Accelerate People (AP): Post-gateway approval, AP will book the interview date. You will receive this date via email, which will be selected based on your unavailability submitted in the gateway form. Allow up to 10 working days for processing.

  • 1st for EPA: Booking is direct based on the unavailability you indicated in the gateway form. Confirmation will be emailed to you within 2 working days post gateway approval.

  • BCS: Your interviews for AM1 and AM2 are scheduled based on your availability indicated in the gateway form.


You should expect a booking confirmation email from your EPAO following your gateway processing. The timeframe for this confirmation is generally within 10 working days. If you do not receive your EPA interview confirmation, please contact the support team for assistance.

Handling Scheduling Conflicts

Unable to Attend Your Scheduled EPA

If unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending your scheduled EPA interview, the next steps are as follows regardless of your EPAO:

  • Contact the Support Team: Detail the reason for your inability to attend, the current scheduled date, and any dates you are unavailable for rescheduling.

  • Notification: After receiving your email, we will notify the EPAO of your unavailability and explore the possibility of rearranging.

  • Rebooking: If approved, the EPAO will confirm an alternative date, and you will receive a follow-up email with the new interview details.

Requesting an Earlier EPA Date

Under normal circumstances, earlier EPA dates may not be available due to full bookings of assessors. However, exceptions are considered if you are leaving your employer and need an earlier date. In this situation, contact support to check for possible cancellations or earlier slots.

Employment Contract End

If your employment contract is terminating before your scheduled EPA, immediately contact support. We will liaise with the EPAO to explore possibilities for an earlier assessment date. Please note that this may not always be possible based on other constraints such as your gateway date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I haven’t received my EPA booking confirmation?

  • Check your email, including your spam folder. If the confirmation is still missing after 10 working days, contact our support team for assistance.

Can I reschedule my EPA if I’m unwell on the day of the interview?

  • Yes, you can reschedule your EPA due to illness. Contact the support team explaining your situation, and we'll facilitate the rescheduling with your EPAO.

Need further support? Please get in touch with the Support Team if you have not received booking confirmation, or if you cannot make your confirmed date. You can contact the Support team by starting a conversation via the chat widget on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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