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Apprenticeship Application Routes

UK Apprenticeship Application Routes

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To become a Multiverse apprentice in the UK, there are three possible routes. The first route is through your current job role with a company that already partners with Multiverse. The second option is through your current role with a company that is not yet partnered with Multiverse. The third route involves getting placed by Multiverse into a new job role while also embarking on the apprenticeship journey. Each of these pathways provides individuals with opportunities to learn new skills, gain work experience, and earn a wage simultaneously.

How do I become a Multiverse apprentice?

Multiverse apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 and over but, depending on your current work situation, the path onto one of our apprenticeships will be slightly different.

There are three possible routes into our apprenticeships.

Visit our website to read more about our offering, and click on ‘Get started’ to begin applying!


Once you click on ‘Get started’, you’ll be prompted to select one of the three routes available. To understand which one applies to you, read on below.


1) You’re already employed and your company is partnered with Multiverse

If your employer is already partnered with us, we’ll be able to match you with your employer based on your email address, or a unique company code if you’re not able to use your work email address. You’ll then be able to browse the programmes available to you through your employer. To read more on our sign-up process, click here.

2) You’re already employed but your company is not yet partnered with Multiverse

You’ll be able to sign up to register your interest and browse the programmes we offer. Our team will then reach out to your employer to explore if they wish to partner with Multiverse.

3) You’re starting out your career or are not currently employed and are looking for a new opportunity

If you’re looking for an employment opportunity, we also partner with top companies looking to hire great talent, and our team can help match you to your dream job! You can read more about this route here, as well as other opportunities that a Multiverse apprenticeship can offer you, such as access to the Multiverse community.

Is everyone eligible for an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are funded by the government’s levy scheme, which requires employers with a payroll over £3 million to pay a tax which is then used to fund apprenticeships. This funding supports apprentices in gaining valuable skills and qualifications while being paid by their employer.

As such, there are some rules set out by the government regarding who can access funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my company is partnered with Multiverse?
    Your manager or HR team should be able to advise.

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