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Managing Communication Preferences
Managing Communication Preferences

How to manage Multiverse email and SMS communication preferences

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This article provides detailed instructions for managing your Multiverse account preferences, particularly focusing on how to unsubscribe from emails or SMS notifications. It outlines clear, simple steps to ensure you maintain control over what information you receive from us and how.

Managing Subscription Preferences

Controlling what you receive from Multiverse is designed to be straightforward and user-oriented. Below are the methods to unsubscribe from different types of communications.

Unsubscribing from Emails

Unsubscribing from our marketing emails can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Locate the Latest Email: Check your inbox for the most recent marketing email from Multiverse, which might include news about new programmes, newsletters, or other updates.

  2. Click the Unsubscribe Link: Scroll to the bottom of the email to find the unsubscribe link. Clicking this link will remove you from the mailing list for future marketing communications.

Essential communications, such as application updates or learning reminders, do not include an unsubscribe link.

Encountered Issues with Unsubscribing?

If you encounter any issues while trying to unsubscribe, assistance is readily available:

  • Use the Chat Widget: Located at the bottom right of this page, the chat widget is your gateway to support.

  • Initiate an Unsubscribe Request: Type “unsubscribe” into the chat, follow the provided prompts, and you will reach our support team for further help.

Unsubscribing from SMS Messages

To stop receiving SMS messages from us, the process is equally straightforward:

  1. Access the Chat Widget: Located on the bottom right of this page.

  2. Send an Unsubscribe Request: Simply type “unsubscribe” in the chat, follow the prompts, and our support team will be notified to assist you in completing your request.

Opt-Out Consideration

Before opting out of communications, consider the implications of not receiving updates or information that might be important to your apprenticeship journey. Re-subscribing could require you to undertake additional steps in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don’t see an unsubscribe option in my email?

  • If an unsubscribe link is not visible, it may be an essential communication from which you cannot opt-out. For assistance or to discuss further, please contact the support team.

Can I resubscribe after I have opted out?

  • Yes, you can re-subscribe to emails or SMS messages at any time, but keep in mind that re-subscribing could involve additional verification or steps.

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