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What Qualification Will I Recieve?
What Qualification Will I Recieve?

Qualifications received from our UK apprenticeship programmes

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This article provides essential information about the qualifications apprentices can expect to receive upon successful completion of various apprenticeship programs in the UK. It is targeted at apprentices using the resources and services offered by Multiverse to guide their understanding of potential qualification outcomes.

Qualifications from Apprenticeships

To complete an apprenticeship in the UK, an end-point assessment must be passed. The specific qualification you will receive depends on the apprenticeship program you are enrolled in. Detailed information about what qualifications each program offers can be found in the ‘what you get’ box for each listed program on our website.

UCAS Points and Apprenticeships

As of now, UK apprenticeships do not provide UCAS points. Should there be any changes regarding apprenticeships and UCAS points in the future, such updates will be reflected in the UCAS Tariff Calculator which can be accessed here.

It is important to note that some higher education institutions may accept apprenticeships as part of their entry requirement criteria. Potential applicants are advised to directly confirm this information with the institutions they are interested in.

Credits Towards Higher Education

Generally, non-degree apprenticeships (for example, Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships) do not provide official credits that can be transferred to UK universities.

For apprentices enrolled in degree-level programs, upon your completion or exit from Multiverse, you will be issued a transcript of learning. This document will include detailed records of all modules and credits completed during your apprenticeship, which may be recognized by universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my apprenticeship qualification to apply to university?

  • Non-degree apprenticeships typically do not provide transferable university credits. However, degree apprenticeships come with a transcript that may be recognized by higher education institutions. Always verify specific entry requirements with the university in question.

Where can I find specifics about what my apprenticeship program offers?

  • Specific details about the qualifications offered can be found in the ‘what you get’ box for each listed program on our website.

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